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Quickstart - without a Backend Server

Xkit works just as well without a backend server as with one. And if you decide to add a backend server or even just a few limited backend services, Xkit can easily accommodate that too.

1. Set up your Xkit Platform

  • Sign up for a free Xkit developer account.
  • Set the Website origin and Login redirect URL for your application (see the Configure Xkit documentation for more information)

2. Set up your JWT Authentication configuration

Follow the Custom Token Issuer guide to configure your JWT to work with Xkit.

Not using a JWT authentication scheme? Contact Support for more help.

3. Connect apps

Follow the Connecting with Apps guide for more specific instructions.

4. Install xkit.js

Add the script tag below to load a customized version of xkit.js onto your page:

<script src="https://<your-slug>.xkit.co/xkit.js"></script>

5. Log your users into Xkit

Wherever in your codebase you have access to an authenticated user token, provide it to Xkit to log that user in.

await xkit.login("your.jwt.token")

6. Retrieve an access token, or link to your catalog

Once your user is authenticated, you can retrieve access tokens for any connected apps.

const slackToken = await xkit.getConnectionToken("slack")

If the token isn't available, you should send the user to the appropriate place in your integration catalog to connect it.

if (!slackToken) {
  window.location.href = xkit.connectorUrl("slack")

Check out the Retrieving Access Tokens guide for more information on retrieving tokens.

That's it! You can now connect to 3rd party apps with Xkit. For more advanced customization, take a look at the other guides in our documentation.

Updated 9 months ago

Quickstart - without a Backend Server

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