Steps to set up BambooHR with Xkit

BambooHR's Guide:
Authorization protocol: OAuth 2.0

1. Add the BambooHR connector in the Xkit platform.

  • In the Xkit platform, click "New Connector" in the sidebar and click on the BambooHR connector.
  • You will see a Callback URL, which you will provide to BambooHR in one of the following steps, and places to input the Client ID, Client Secret, and Application Key that you will get from BambooHR after requesting credentials.

2. Request Credentials from BambooHR and provide the Xkit Callback URL.

  • Next, fill out this form to request your credentials from BambooHR.
  • Under "OpenID Request," select "Request OpenID Credentials & Provide Redirect URIs."
  • Enter the Xkit Redirect URI/Callback URL that was provided in the previous step.
  • BambooHR will reply through email with instructions to acquire your OAuth/OpenID credentials.

3. Provide Xkit with the BambooHR App credentials.

  • After receiving your credentials, register your app with the BambooHR Partner platform.
  • Copy/paste your Client ID, Client Secret, and Application Key into the Xkit Service Provider Settings page.
  • Click "Save."


BambooHR Marketplace (Not Required)

To be listed in the BambooHR Marketplace you must fill out an additional application which can be found here.

4. Complete the Xkit connection setup.

  • Customize the Catalog Settings page if desired and click "Save."
  • Select the permissions/scopes you require for your app and click "Save".

5. Test the Xkit connection to the BambooHR app.

  • Click "Test BambooHR Connection" to ensure that your Xkit Connector is receiving credentials from BambooHR.
  • In the popup window, enter the domain associated with your BambooHR partner account and click "Save."
  • This popup is the same interaction your end user will have when they authorize their BambooHR account in your app.
  • Click "Finish."

You've now successfully connected BambooHR with Xkit!