Hosted Catalog

Set up Xkit to host your integration catalog

The easiest way to use Xkit is with the Hosted Integration Catalog. In this setup, you log users into Xkit on your website, and use links to the Xkit integration catalog to have them set up integrations.


Log users into Xkit first

Before going further, make sure to log your end user into Xkit.

Wherever you need to provide access to your integration catalog, use a link to your Xkit subdomain.

<a href="https://<your-slug>">Integration Catalog</a>

For convenience, xkit.js includes this URL as a property: xkit.url.

<a onClick="window.location.href = xkit.url;">Integration Catalog</a>

xkit.js also includes a helper to get the link to a specific connector's page: xkit.connectorUrl(<slug>).

<a onClick="window.location.href = xkit.connectorUrl('slack');">Connect to Slack</a>


The hosted integration catalog has some limited customization available. For more control over the appearance, functionality, and location of the catalog, you may want to Self-host your Catalog or build your own Custom Catalog.

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