Confluence Cloud as an additional integration

Steps to set up Confluence Cloud with Xkit if you have already connected with a Jira app



This guide walks you through how to set up Confluence Cloud if you have already connected with Jira Cloud, Jira Core Cloud, Jira Software Cloud or Jira Service Desk Cloud.

If you have not already connected with any of those apps, please see: Confluence Cloud as your first Atlassian integration.

Confluence Cloud's Guide:
Authorization protocol: OAuth 2.0

1. Add the Confluence Cloud connector in the Xkit platform.

  • In the Xkit platform, click "New connector" in the sidebar or at the bottom of the "Connectors" screen.
  • Click "Confluence Cloud".
  • At this point, pause on the Xkit setup and instead continue to the next step to set up the connection on Confluence's side. You'll return to the Xkit screen shortly.

2. Add the Confluence Cloud API

  • In a separate window, sign in to your Confluence/Atlassian account.
  • Visit this link: and click your app.
  • Click "+ Add" in the sidebar.
  • Under "Confluence API", click "Add".

3. Select the required permissions.

  • Again under "Confluence API", click "Configure".
  • Click "Add" next to your required scopes (additional details about the scopes are available here).

4. Complete the Xkit connection setup.

  • Back in the Xkit platform, fill out the Catalog Settings page and click "Save".
  • On the next page, select the same permissions/scopes you entered into Confluence Cloud and click "Save".

You've now successfully connected Confluence Cloud with Xkit!