Alpha Feature

Webhooks are currently in Alpha. The stability of this feature and its API is not guaranteed. Please contact us for assistance with this feature.

You can subscribe to Webhooks (which follow the REST Hooks pattern) to have your app notified of important Xkit events.

To subscribe to an event create a webhook on the settings page. Include the event you want to subscribe to, as well as which URL should be called when the event happens.

The URL will be called with a POST request with a Content-Type of application/json. The content body will be of the form:

  "event_type": "noun.verb",
  "payload": { /* mixed data */ }

Your endpoint MUST return a 200 response code. If it does not, your webhook may be disabled.

The list of available events, along with the payload they include, are below:

Event TypePayloadDescription
connection.enabled{ "connector": { "slug": "some-connector-slug" }, "context": { "external_id": "your-user-external-id" } }When a context (user, company, group, etc) enables a connection (including a successful operation) this event is triggered.