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Customizing your catalog

How to customize your app catalog

Without editing any code, you can customize many features of your catalog, whether you're using the hosted catalog, an embedded catalog, or a catalog you built from scratch.

Features that you can update

  1. App Display Name
  2. URL Slug
  3. App Short Description
  4. Connector Description
  5. Xkit Branding

How to update these features

To adjust any of these features, visit the Catalog Settings page for the app that you'd like to update. You can navigate to this page by clicking "Connectors" in the sidebar and then selecting the app that you would like to update. You can also fill out this settings page during the initial app setup.

Removing Xkit Branding

Depending on the Pricing Plan you're on, you may be able to remove the Xkit branding from both the Catalog and the authorization popups. Please contact us if you'd like to remove branding.

Updated 2 months ago

Customizing your catalog

How to customize your app catalog

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