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Configure Xkit

In order to use Xkit successfully with your app, you'll need to configure a few settings. To view the settings, click on "Settings" on the left-hand menu, or just follow this link: Settings.

Display Name

The Display Name controls how your Application is presented to users on pages that Xkit renders, like the Integration Catalog.

This should be a bare name, like "My App", not a name specific for Xkit, like "My App Integrations".

If you want more control over how your Application is presented in Xkit, see other integration options.

URL Slug

This is the primary identifier for your application, and forms the subdomain of xkit.co that you'll use as your Hosted Integration Catalog and as the host when using the Platform User API.


Change this value with extreme caution

Changing the URL Slug will:

  • Invalidate all Xkit User Tokens
  • Invalidate all user sessions
  • Break links to the Hosted Integration Catalog
  • Break API calls to the Platform User API

Website Origin

To protect users against certain types of malicious behavior, Xkit uses CORS headers to limit the origins which can call the Platform User API.

Add the origin (hostname and protocol, like https://example.com) of the website where you will use xkit.js, host your own integration catalog, or otherwise call the Platform User API in order to add it to the allowlist.

Login Redirect URL

In cases where a user visits the Xkit Hosted Integration Catalog and is not signed into Xkit, or when you use xkit.js to call an authenticated endpoint with a logged-out user, the user will be redirected to this URL to login.

API Keys

See the Platform API Authentication Guide for more information on how to use API Keys.

User Tokens

See the Xkit User Tokens Guide for more information about User Token settings.

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Configure Xkit

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