Additional Admin Account - Calendar

Steps to set up Outlook Calendar Admin with Xkit



This guide walks you through how to set up Microsoft Calendar with an admin account if you have already connected with another Microsoft admin account.

If you have not connected with another Microsoft admin account before, please see: First Admin Account - Calendar.


Organization-wide Access

The Outlook Calendar Admin connector provides organization-wide access to Outlook Calendar by requiring consent of an organization's administrator. This connector should not be used for individual or personal calendar access. See Retrieving User Data for more information about how to get information on every user in the organization.

Microsoft's Guide:
Authorization protocol: OAuth 2.0 (2-legged with Admin Consent)

1. Add the Outlook Calendar Admin connector in the Xkit platform

  • In the Xkit platform, click "New Connector" in the sidebar or at the bottom of the "Connectors" screen.
  • Click "Outlook Calendar Admin".

2. Add Catalog Settings

  • On Xkit, you will see fields to control how your Outlook Calendar Admin connector appears to users
  • (Optionally) Add a description for your connector that will display to your users on viewing your catalog
  • Click "Save"

3. Set up API permissions in Xkit

  • The "Connector Settings" page includes a list of available scopes for your connector. You can read more about those scopes in the Microsoft Graph permissions reference
  • Check the boxes on Xkit next to the permissions you need to build your integration.

4. Set up API permissions on Azure

  • Click on "API Permissions" in the Azure Portal sidebar and then click "+ Add a permission"
  • Click on "Microsoft Graph" and then click on "Application permissions"
  • Under the "Calendar" category, select the checkboxes that correspond to the boxes you checked on Xkit in Step 3
  • At the bottom of the window, click "Add permissions"

5. Save Xkit Connector

  • Click "Save" on the Connector Settings screen in Xkit.

You've now successfully connected Outlook Calendar Admin with Xkit!

Retrieving User Data

Once you have configured the Outlook Calendar Admin connector and an admin at an organization has authorized your application, you can retrieve calendar data for every member of their organization.

To do so, you'll need the User ID for each user in the organization. For example, you can, using the access token provided by Xkit, call the List Calendars endpoint with the User ID of any user in the organization and receive a list of their calendars.

To retrieve every User ID in the organization, you'll need to call the List Users endpoint, which you have access to thanks to the Directory.Read.All permission.