1. connectorSlug: string
    The URL Slug of the connector as configured in your Xkit dashboard, e.g. slack.


Promise<Connection | ConnectionShell>
A Promise that resolves to a Connection object or a ConnectionShell in the case that no Connection exists.

getConnectionOrConnector calls the API in a way that makes it easier to handle the case when a user has not yet installed a given connector.

getConnection would return a 404 error, but this function will always return something that looks like a Connection object, even if the user has not yet installed it.

In these cases, only the connection property will be defined, and the others (enabled, authorization) will be undefined.

const slackConnection = await xkit.getConnectionOrConnector("slack")

if (slackConnection.enabled === true) {
  console.log("installed slack!")
} else if (slackConnection.enabled === false) {
  console.log("disabled slack installation :(")
} else {
  console.log("they haven't installed slack yet!")