Remove a previous rendered catalog from the DOM


  1. el: HTMLElement
    The DOM node that the catalog was rendered into



unmountCatalog removes a previously rendered catalog from the DOM. This is most useful in a Javascript-enabled page where the user has navigated away from the catalog.

        <script src="https://<your-slug>"></script>
    // ... assumes jQuery
    <div id="my-special-node"></div>
    <button id="remove-catalog">Remove catalog</button>
      $(() => {
        xkit.renderCatalog($("#my-special-node").get(0), {
          title: "My Integrations"
        $("#remove-catalog").click(() => {


Configuring renderCatalogDefault is done by adding data- attributes to the #xkit-app HTML tag (or other ID you specified) you used to render the catalog.

For example, if you wanted to configure the token property, you would add a data-token attribute:

<div id="xkit-app" data-token="some-user-token"></div>

See Configuring xkit-catalog.js for a full list of available configurations