Both renderCatalogDefault and renderCatalog use the same configuration, the only difference being how they are passed in. This is the reference for available configuration for both.

PropertyData AttributeDescriptionAvailable ValuesDefault
Nonedata-tokenThe Xkit User Token to be used. This is only available for renderCatalogDefault and can be skipped if you're using xkit.loginstringNone
rootPathdata-pathThe base path at which the catalog will be rendered on your webserver. This is used in determining the href of links and what page to render on initial load. If you are using a memory router, set this to the page on which the catalog will be renderedAny valid path starting with a //
routerTypedata-routerWhether to use the browser history or not when changing locations within the catalog. If the catalog has an entire subdirectory against which it will be shown, use browser, otherwise, use memory.memory
titledata-titleThe title used at the top of the catalog.string<Your App> Integrations
hideTitledata-hide-titleWhether to hide the title at the top of the catalog (useful when embedding)A boolean attribute. Its presence indicates a value of true.false
hideSearchdata-hide-searchWhether to hide the search at the top of the catalog (useful when only rendering a few connectors)A boolean attribute. Its presence indicates a value of true.
themeNot available as data attributeThe custom Theme to use when rendering the CatalogCatalog ThemeNone
connectorsPathdata-connectors-pathThe URL prefix before a specific connector. Defaults to /connectorsA string starting with /
filterNot available as data attributeA function to limit which connectors are visible to the current userCatalog Filter() => true
settingsNot available as a data attributeA function to show configuration settings to the user.Catalog Settings