Retrieve available connectors for the current platform




A Promise that resolves to an array of Connectors.

listConnectors retrieves the available connectors for the current platform (as indicated by the configured domain). It notably does not include the description property of the Connector. If you need the description, you should use getConnectionOrConnector

Its return value depends on the current state of the xkit.js library. If a user is currently logged in, the connection property of the returned Connector may exist if the user has previously installed the given connector. The enabled property of the connection will be set to true if the Connector is currently installed.

This allows a consumer to build a list or catalog of available connectors and supplement them with relevant contextual data (i.e. whether it is installed) for logged-in users.

const connectors = await xkit.listConnectors()
// [
//   {
//     name: "Slack",
//     slug: "slack",
//     short_description: "Connect to slack for great success",
//     mark_url: "",
//     about: "Slack is a global communications service...",
//     connection: {
//       enabled: true
//     }
//   }
// ]