Remove an existing connection to a 3rd party service


Custom Catalog Only

The removeConnection method should only be used if you are building a custom catalog experience. xkit-catalog.js already implements removeConnection.


  1. connectionQuery: string | { slug: string } | { id: string }
    The query to identify the connection, an object with either a slug property (the URL Slug of the connector as configured in your Xkit dashboard, e.g. slack) or an id property (the unique ID of the connection).

It is deprecated to use just a string parameter, which is interpreted as the URL slug of the connector. If you're not using multiple connections, you should instead use disconnect.


A Promise that resolves when the connection has been removed.

removeConnection removes an existing connection to a 3rd party service. This is equivalent to "uninstalling" or deactivating a connection.

await xkit.removeConnection({ slug: "slack" })